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The bringing out of skills and experiences for men to mentor youth and family members. To organize group activities, social events and training workshops.


Provide a mentoring program which supports men of all ages, young and old, in achieving a leadership role in their homes and communities and to eventually have a training work center which provides a relaxed environment for day camps and outdoor skill activities.


In 2009 FireTalk was officially launched as a building block for men to have an opportunity to share skills, life issues, experiences and also come together as a collective voice for the community. In 2018 FireTalk became an official nonprofit organization headquartered in Alaska. During our first phase of development we established a core leadership base which has transformed the organization's focus to expand our impact area. FireTalk is partnering, with businesses, community leaders and other nonprofit sectors to ensure maximum impact in building and strengthening communities. We believe participation and engagement in activities has a direct and positive impact on individuals to accomplish more collectively than it can independently.

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Changing people from the inside, not the outside. Focus on discovering individual gifts, talents, and passions.

Who Benefits from FireTalk

The main focus is on men coming together to share time, talents, and life experiences during scheduled events. FireTalk provides guidance for individuals to develop into confident persons who can constructively improve their home life and community. The framework surrounding this starts with reaching out and then coming together to support, guide and hold each other accountable.


We organize outdoor group activities, social events and workshops. We facilitate relationships with community leaders to participate in activities that mentor individuals. We focus on providing programs that encourage, equip and build teams.


What is going on:

Upcoming Events

  • Topshot 2019

    Our TopShot even is back on for 2019. This year will be bigger and better than ever. TopShot is our 2 day multi-event competition that lets us see who is the best shot from pistols and shotguns to hourshoes and tomahawks.

  • Shrimp/Fish -Summer 2019

    This summer we are planning a multi-boat overnight shrimping and fishing trip. We will have an exact date when it gets closer. Keep your schedule open because you will not want to miss this.

Past Events

  • Topshot 2018

    We had a great turnout this year with our TopShot competition this year. We had 28 competitors show up and try to claim the top place in the Top Shot competition.

  • Topshot 2017

    We saw our first ever back to back winner for our Top Shot competition. Jesse Smith won for the second year in a row. We had a great turnout this year with the highest number of contestants we have ever seen. We can't wait for next year.

Skills & Things We Learn

Outdoor Survival
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Fire Starting
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Water Purification
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